How to Get Cheap Flights

You may have never have thought that flights across the Atlantic ocean could be described as cheap however in these economic times demand is down for these flights so airlines are competing heavily to get your business.

If you add in that the euro is very low at the moment for us Brits then it makes European holidays more expensive for us this year, going further a field could certainly be cheaper or at least offer a better holiday for what you are spending.

If you are a savvy shopper you can save hundreds of pounds from your flight bill. The golden rule is never accept the first offer, there are many agents vying for your business and while they are selling the same flights they can charge widely different prices. Preparation is key, plan when you want to take your holiday; the more flexible you are the better deals possible.

It is worth asking your employer the availability for holiday dates and comparing these with any partner or friends dates that they are available and then searching to find the best deals for those dates that you have to work with. If you can avoid school holidays, public holidays and times when sporting events are on at the location this will help reduce the flight tickets prices.

Generally the earlier you book, the more chance of finding cheap flights. However this year you will find with many airlines are trying to maximise passenger numbers to keep profits high. Many consumers will go straight to their local high street travel agent to find their holiday. It is certainly worth looking at what deals they have on offer as they sometimes have cheaper prices than available on the internet. They are also useful for recommendations when you are unsure of where to travel.

Use comparison engines to search around for the best deals and best dates for you to travel, there are only a couple of Atlantic airlines so it should make searching for a great deal that much easier, you can simple compare on price. As consumers are in the position of power at the moment you can arm yourself with the best deals and visit the high street to haggle and see if they can beat the deals that you have found on the internet. Grab yourself some flight bargains!