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Super Travel Deals For the Traveler on a Budget

There are always three things that you look for when on the prowl for a place to visit: the place should be easy-on-the-eyes, suited to your taste, and of course, very budget-friendly. You’re looking for the Superman of travel deals, and this is where super travel deals come into the picture! To get a super travel deal, the bargain must be all three of the characteristics mentioned above, and more that you did not think to include, or did not think you could afford but suddenly comes to you virtually free of charge! And the best part of this is that you need only to enjoy them once they come along, since they are usually a “no-strings-attached” sort of thing, like the deals that are mentioned on Tony Morrison’s ‘My Airfare Secrets’. You just need the right strategy to be able to get super travel deals, and have the vacation that you’ve always dreamed about!

Plan ahead – It’s never a good thing to get travel tickets during peak seasons, like holidays. Usually, travel companies charge a lot more during these times because people are harried, and need to get where they want to go double-time! You have to content with other people, and usually have to put up with leftovers. By booking and purchasing travel tickets early, you’re not only getting the pick of the seats, but also saving yourself the trouble should trouble arise in the future and throw a wrench into your plans.

1. Go somewhere that’s not known.
The funny thing is, going to places like the Bahamas or Hawaii is seriously over-rated and over-crowded. People from all over the world are going there and staying there, and you’re traveling to enjoy yourself, not be around more people than where you came from! Why not travel to a small inn in Naples’ Wine Valley or book a small cottage in Spain? Try something that you’ve never even thought of, and you’ll be surprised how much you can actually enjoy yourself!

2. Use other modes of transport.
A lot of people just accept the rental car rates that are already packaged with their travel packages, never mind the extra fee. However, there are always other options available to you if you just look around a little. For a smaller fee, you can rent a motorcycle and cruise your way around the area. If you’re a health junkie, there’s always a bike shop nearby willing to rent you one of their units!

3. Make friends!
No matter where you’re going and who your company is, it always pays to make friends. Be amiable to your travel agent, your flight attendant, your luggage carrier, your cab driver…just about anyone you’ll meet through your travels. When you are, you will notice that they’ll most often act the same way towards you!

If you’re looking for super travel deals around, you have to really put in some time and sweat to find what fits your budget and your expectations of your travel. You’ll find it’ll be nothing compared to the great time you’ll have when you do!

Dirt Cheap Flights – Where? Hard to Find But They Do Exist!

Whether you are an expat working away from your home and loved ones, frequent holiday maker flying to your favourite overseas holiday destination, or a businessman traveling often for business reasons? No doubt you will always be looking for dirt cheap flights, and often will find this process a daunting task. Sometime you would have had to pay more than the normal fare even after looking for discounted tickets in the internet. Travelling with short notice can cost you a lot of money. Have a look at the following tips in planning your trip and research for cheap flights.

Most airlines sell their discounted tickets well in advance, sometimes even 6-7 months ahead. You can take advantage of this opportunity, if you plan your travel itinerary a few months ahead. Business travellers may find it difficult to cash in as their business meetings are generally scheduled at short notice. However if you are flexible in travel dates, you can take advantage of paying less for airlines whose flights are less likely to be full and sold out on a particular day. Traditionally airlines offer discounted fares during the mid week in domestic sectors, but prices of international flights could vary from day to day.

Comparison of air fares from different airlines flying over the same sector could save you money. Within Australia, you may be able to fly cheaper with budget airlines such as Tiger airways, Jetstar or Virgin Blue rather than flying with Qantas. Similarly for domestic travellers within India, there are so many budget airlines such as Kingfisher, Jetlight etc offering dirt cheap flights. Note of caution however when travelling budget airlines is that you need to check if quoted price includes all taxes, carry on luggage, seat allocation and in-flight meals etc, as traditional airlines do not charge extra for these services.

There are travel companies such as Go Holiday (in conjunction with Air Asia) offering travel packages from Australia to many holiday destinations in Malaysia. All these packages can be booked via internet ( Internet booking needs attention to details though, making sure you click the correct date, destination etc. The slightest mistake can cost you money as no refunds are given once the booking order goes through.

Travelling during off peak period also saves significantly, as airlines and hotels offer cheap rates during off peak periods. It will be expensive to travel during school holidays too. Simply avoid travelling during school vacations if you do not have to travel with your children. Basically if you choose not to travel at a time when everyone else travels, you can save money.

Every airline does not fly every day of the week, and often these airlines could be the ones who have got cheapest fares. So before deciding date of travel, check the airline flight schedule. Some airlines offer cheap rates during certain time windows such as after midnight. As an example Virgin Blue’s “happy hour” window offers cheap fares 10.00am to 11.00am Australian EST.

The above various ways to find dirt cheap flights may look a bit messy at times, with so many constraints when planning to travel. Therefore one must strive to look for other avenues which may yield better results. Finding short-cuts which reveals more secrets in looking for better deals will definitely pay off in the end.

Way to Search Cheap Flights for Christmas Vacations

Get ready to enjoy the biggest festival of the year, Christmas. This day is dedicated to all the festivities, reverence, cakes, trees, gifts, snow-capped houses and all the goodies. This day would be even more wonderful and exciting of you are going out for a Christmas vacation with friends and family. If you are searching out for cheap flights to Christmas vacations this year, you shouldn’t worry as there are plenty of ways to search and book cheap flights for Christmas vacations.

In reality, there is no shortcut for finding out the cheapest Christmas vacation airfare. You need to act smart and need to shop around travel sites to get the best airfare deal. It would take little time and effort, but it would be all worth because you would be saving big bucks on your flight tickets.

Below mentioned are some of the brilliant tips that ensure you striking best flight deal. By following these tips you are sure to save money.

Buy your tickets early
To catch best Christmas airfare deal, you should buy your tickets early than the regular time. If you are making late reservation it will definitely cost you lot of money. Normally, airline tickets prices go up 21 days, 14 days, 7 days and 3 days before flying, so just cut the chase and book your Christmas tickets before these deadlines. If you are damn sure about your vacation then you could even book your tickets from 3 to 6 months in advance.

Wander around
One thing to keep in mind that you should never book the first fare you see on the fare chart. You should use your surfing skills and check out various others sites of major online travel providers. The primary advantage of doing this thing is that by this you get a fair idea about which airlines are falling in your travel itinerary, their prices and what restrictions they apply during the festive Christmas period. By checking out the travel sites you will also get to know if any particular airline is running any sales or promotional offer during this period.

If you are willing to experiment with different travel dates i.e. by postponing your Christmas vacation by a week or two, it can bring a major fall in your travel fares. Don’t forget that you can bag best airfare deals on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Remember about the Discounters
Sometimes it sounds like distant dream but discount airlines can save you big bucks on your cheap Christmas vacation flights. Difficult to find but these airlines do pop up on major travel sites. These airlines are blessing for those who are traveling on low-budget, as the fares of these airlines are lower than the normal airline fares.

Redeem your Frequent Flier Miles
Don’t pay more for your Christmas vacation tickets, use your frequent flier miles, as Christmas season is the best time to redeem your reward points. Since major airlines allot very small number of seats for its award travel, these seats go very quickly. So you have to be very swift if you are planning to redeem your miles, book your tickets in one or two months in advance of the airline.