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Go High-Tech to Get the Best Las Vegas Travel Deals

The days of calling up your favorite travel agent and booking your Las Vegas vacation — flight, hotel, a rental car and more — have pretty much gone the way of the typewriter: they’re still out there but seldom used. Today’s savviest travelers know to look to the Internet to cash in on great travel deals and this is especially true for cheap trips to Las Vegas. But if you want the best Vegas hotel deals, discounts on Vegas travel packages and savings on Vegas show tickets, you have to know where to look.

Start your search by getting up-to-date with the new “social media” – a fancy term for just another way to communicate online. Think places like Facebook and Twitter and you’re talking social media. Join these sites and you’ve got access to all kinds of special offers from your favorite Las Vegas hotels and casinos.

MGM Resorts for instance provides a number of very tech-trendy ways to get great up-to-date offers, event information and even answers to your travel questions through their own website and their Twitter persona @VegasConcierge.

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it’s a free service available on the Web that links you into a vast network of users who provide all types of information in short, 140-character posts called “tweets.” Think of it as a sort of global message board. By “following” company-sanctioned accounts such as @LuxorLV and @ExcaliburVegas you can get updates on shows, restaurants, special last-minute Vegas hotel offers and promos – even the news that a big slot jackpot was just hit on the casino floor.

“We wanted to create an easy way for people to connect with Vegas and everything our resorts have to offer,” said one spokesman for MGM Resorts. “How better than to use today’s technology to give people the information they want, when they want it, in the format they choose? Much of the information is not main-stream so you can get really cool insider info – like where to get a great British ale or if there are tickets left for tonight’s concert. “

Then there are the casino resorts you can “like” on Facebook to get tuned into the best Las Vegas vacation packages. Every, and we mean EVERY, major Vegas hotel has a Facebook account and it is a rare day when you won’t find an offer for discounts on rooms, show tickets and dining deals. We particularly like the Facebook accounts of both Planet Hollywood and Caesars Palace where the posts are interesting and full of terrific offers on Strip hotel rooms and popular show tickets.

Another tip we have for getting the best hotel deals in Las Vegas is, well, at your fingertips. Or maybe we should say on your phone screen. Use your smart phone – iPhone, Android, Blackberry – and visit the application or “app” market to get all kinds of cool free info from top Las Vegas hotels. Our favorites: the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas app for the iPhone which allows users to book right from their phones and Mandalay Bay with its “Hot Offers” page with such recent deals as this – a discount suite promotion with rooms starting at less than a hundred bucks per night.

Great deals on Las Vegas travel are definitely out there if you use these tech-savvy tips.

Cheap Travel Deals

There are a few ways to get cheap travel deals and make sure you get your relaxing vacation this year. Here are a few tips to help you get your dream vacation without spending too much this summer.

First, if you have the option to be very flexible with your destination and time frame, then you can start watching expedia, priceline, hotwire, southwest, and other travel sites for great last minute deals. I have seen package deals for different destinations for as low as $25 a night for the hotel and $49 a way for the flight. You can jump on these deals and save a ton of money, but you have to be willing to go to the destinations they have discounts on and travel last minute. These are usually deals that you can book about a week in advance.

Second, if you are not able to be quite as flexible, but you can get 2 weeks of vacation, you might want to check Greyhound for bus fares. Sometimes if you book in advance you can get bus fares for very cheap. This is not my favorite way to travel, but if I know that spending 20-30 hours on a bus is going to get me to my destination for very cheap and I am going to be able to spend 10 days or so there, then I am willing to spend the time on the bus. It usually gives me time to catch up on my reading and get a little bit of sleep.

Last, you can package your flight, hotel, and rental car all in one to save yourself money. This is a great way for 2 to 4 people to travel because you will get a reduces rate on the hotel, the airfare, and a bit of a discount on the rental car. I was able to travel with one other person for 5 days and 4 nights from Chicago to Orlando for about $350 per person. This included our 4 star resort hotel, our flight on Northwest with one stop each way, and our rental car, which was a nice 2008 model.

Use these cheap travel tips and get cheap travel deals this summer. Don’t allow the oil companies to keep you from getting the great relaxing vacation you deserve. Be flexible, take advantage of last minute deals, check into bus fares, and package your entire trip together and you will be able to save money while getting the vacation you deserve.

Best Sites For Travel Deals – Find Out Who’s The Best

Ah, the infamous question… Which sites, if any, are the best for finding cheap travel deals? Well, that’s not the easiest question to answer, but if you’re at all like me, you’ll know that you can literally spend hour after hour searching the internet for that “perfect deal.” And to tell you the truth, I just got tired of the same old runaround each and every time that I wanted, or had to, travel. So, I spent a little time to put together this little review of some of the best travel sites on the net.

#1 Travel Site

This first discount travel site is one that has really opened my eyes to lots of great travel deals. It’s called Travelocity, they offer a huge range of features that can get you to where you want to be, and often times for a fraction of the cost.

Their #1 Feature/Benefit

This incredible tool can get you amazingly cheap prices. It’s called FareWatcher Plus. It literally keeps track of travel deals & cheap prices for up to 10 destinations of your choice, insuring you the best possible rate on hotels, flights and more.

#2 Travel Site

Here’s one that thousands if not millions have benefited from. It’s called Expedia, and they defiantly pack a punch when it comes to saving you money.

Their #1 Feature/Benefit

They offer a huge selection of popular world travel destinations, including the option to earn reward points with your travels. So if you love to travel like I do, this can really help out.

#3 Travel Site

Here’s one of the greats and I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s called Priceline, and they truly are one of the greatest and most popular sites to use when it comes to great family travel.

Their #1 Feature/Benefit

This is, at least in my option, one of the neatest features/benefits in online travel. It’s called Name Your Own Price, and it is truly a blessing! It actually gives you “the traveler” the ability to negotiate for that bargain price each and every time you travel.

Well friends, I hope you’ve learned something new that will help you to save money on your next family vacation or business trip. Just remember, traveling should be fun, and you CAN save money!